“One stop for California land cover and fuels data”

Pacific Veg Map

This site provides access to fine scale vegetation, topographic, wildland fuels and other mapping data for Marin, Napa San Mateo, Sonoma, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz Counties and portions of Monterey County. Data from other counties will be added as it becomes available. The purpose of the site is to provide fine-scale map products for multiple users, including members of the public, GIS analysts, first responders, natural resource managers, private companies and public agencies. All of the map data accessible via this site is in the public domain and is freely accessible to all.

The map data are the products of programs supported by consortia of land management organizations, public agencies, foundations, and other organizations. Additional datasets will be included as they become available. Learn more about the collaborative process that led to the creation of this database here.

A list of the datasets and links for access to them may be found here. Downloads will work on a desktop, laptop, or tablet, but not on a phone.

Funding for this portal was provided by CAL FIRE.

This site is maintained by Tukman Geospatial.

For more information contact help@pacificvegmap.org.


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